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WARNING! WARNING! The Christ Clone Trilogy is so well written that books 1 & 2 should contain a directive, or warning NOT to stop there! It is so hard, and somewhat dangerous, to effectively present the deception of the last days, although it is very necessary for one to get an appreciation and sense of urgency to get the Truth (the Word) out. Mr. BeauSeigneur achieves this with startling clarity, bringing sympatico to "Christopher." Without book 3, though, one could almost see New Agers using books 1 & 2 to "make thier case" against Believers. For example, Barbara Meister Vitale, author of Unicorns are Real: a right brained approach to learning commented: "although this is 'fiction,' the book really reinforces some of my own beliefs...I have called at least 20 people & told them to order both (sic) books." Without "Acts of God," book 3, one might reinforce the wrong conclusions. Don't get me wrong; The Christ Clone Trilogy is a masterfull work, well written, magnificently researched...but one could almost hope it will soon be bound together, so ha'satan would be less apt to have the reader stop at book 2!
– D. A. Thompson, CE Director San Angelo, TX

Book 2 shook me up so much, I almost didn't go on to Book 3... That would have been a MAJOR mistake. But the author did such a great job ... The descriptions af the asteroids blew me away. I've rarely been so engrossed in a book as through that section. But to follow that up with Christopher's explanation of how Lucifer was the good guy & Yahweh the evil tyrant... he did much too good a job on that section! As I said, I almost didn't come back for the big finish. I'm sure glad I did. The conclusion moved me to tears. I've read all the Left Behind books, and really enjoyed them. My criteria for a Good Book is: good story, told well, with characters you come to care about. Left Behind is a good story, told ok, with not-too-complex characters. The Christ Clone Trilogy is an excellent story, told extremely well, with characters I know. I give it my highest possible recommendation. Thank you for writing this series, it has touched my heart.
– John Darsey

I had never heard of the Crist Clone Trilogy until I was reading reader reviews of another series of books I considered buying. The reviews said that this series was much better. I was shocked at how easy a read it was. The character developement and depiction of scenes made me believe I was actually there. Many novels I've read with a large number of characters often cause me to forget some of the main players. But all of the characters in this series were so memorable it was impossible not to remember all of them. By the time I finished the final book I could easily recall all of the details from the first one. The ample footnotes were also much appreciated since I was able to further my knowledge of prophesy. The only negative thing I can say about this trilogy is that it had to end. I will have a hard time, I'm sure, to find another book that will keep my interest as much as this series. I have a fundamentalist preacher friend that I plan to reccomend this series to. I'm sure he will find it as compelling as I did.
– Scott Upchurch

As a long-haul trucker, and a fundamentalist Christian, I had to stop at Amarillo, Texas this week, and delay my trip for 2 hours while I finished book 3 of "The Christ Clone Trilogy". The climax of the sinful saga of man's history was written so graphically that I couldn't get my mind back on my driving until I read the happy ending of Decker Hawthorne reunited with his family in heaven. Made me weep tears of joy. I hope the real ending of the world happens much like this book! Trust Jesus!
– Byron Smith

After trying to get through the first Left Behind series book, I found the Christ Clone Trilogy to be a refreshing change with much more compelling imagery and realism. I've donated the series to my church library because writing like this must be shared and discussed.
– John Frey

Just finished the last book and boy was I impressed. I have enloyed eschatology all my life and have not found a more readable, authoritative and probable account than The Christ Clone Trilogy! Thank you as you thank Shiloh!
– Charlie Subock

The only other end times series I read was the Left Behind series(all of them). I just finished In His Image. I can't say I loved it. Alot of science in it however, I probably will get #2 and read it. It was different.
– Phyllis Rausch

I have read many books about the New Age (from a Christian perspective) and I read every end times novel I can get my hands on. I relish the different ideas of what it will be like before Jesus returns and have enjoyed most of the books I have read. I just finished the first book of this trilogy and found it to be quite different from any I have read. I would not try to compare it to the Left Behind series (which I truly love) or any other novel because they are all so different in the biblical interpretation and speculation of the authors. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to start the next one. I can't wait to start the next one to see what happens next. The main characters are easy to care about even though the cloning from the Shroud seems a bit far out. I pass my books around when I finish them. I will be curious to see how my friends react to these books. They will sure make for some good discussions.
– Jan Machulis

For the first time in my life, I have thoroughly enjoyed The Christ Clone Trilogy. I don't read novels at all... as a matter of fact, outside of college, I haven't read but one novel. I simply didn't have the time nor was I inclined to 'see' anything in fiction anyway. A friend of mine recommended these books. I ordered them. I read the first 100 pages and thought, "hmmm... this has some merit." When I started the 2nd book 2 weeks later... it was non-stop reading! I hung on every twist and turn. This is the first work of fiction that incorporated Truth, politics and fiction all rolled into one. For a few weeks thereafter, I could not keep my mind off the story line! Almost everything I did, I would view it with a keen eye on the future! A different perspective to be sure but certainly worthy of discourse. I HIGHLY recommend the books.
– Ben Villa

As a student of Biblical prophecy, I've enjoyed some of the fictional works based on the end-times prophecies. Of all the books in this genre that I've read over the last number of years, the Christ Clone Trilogy was the most intriguing, hardest hitting, intense, and enthralling series I've had the privilege of owning. True to Scripture but not "preachy", James BeauSeigneur weaves a tale that steps outside the normal bounds of Christian fiction. Instead of preaching to the saved, He tells the tale from the viewpoint of the lost, with all the deception, false hopes, lapses in judgment, and self-centered rebellion that characterizes mankind without God's saving grace. Every Christian should read this series. Every Christian should give a copy to an unsaved friend.
– Paul Gerardi

Can't put the book down! Just as the story begins to mellow you are shocked time and time again! James BeauSeigneur is a genius!
– M. Roth

A great trilogy. I picked them up on a whim at the public library Friday evening, and I just finished Book 3 Sunday evening – I read nonstop! The twists and turns kept me hanging on every word. Great creativity and impeccable research – I recommend it to everyone.
–T. Gott, teacher

Amazing!I have read all three books at least three times.James Beauseigneur is a genius.
– Andre Watson.

I read it while I cooked, clean, and took care of the kids; I could not put it down.
– Trish P.

If you mix together Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Frank Peretti, C.S. Lewis, and the book of Revelation, you get some idea of the excitement of The Christ Clone Trilogy.
– Bob Seevers, Ph.D.

As a scientist, I found The Christ Clone Trilogy to be as well researched as any dissertation or scientific paper I've ever read.
– Nina Thornton, Ph.D.

In my history as an English student and now a graduate, never before have I been so engrossed by a novel.
– Jason Baker

True to scripture, captivating, very well written! It may be fiction, but it reads like news! First century concepts explained by 21st century knowledge and technology.
– Bob Patton

I have read a lot of speculative end time novels. As I was reading the Trilogy, I kept wondering how the author was able to pull all of the data together to make the story line he did. I could not imagine such effort. What a labor of love it had to be.
– David Gee, President, Gee Communications, Richmond, VA.

The best end times novel I've ever read!! The different angles of prophecy are great, the rapture, the apostle John being one of the two witnesses, and those locusts blew me away! No novel or any other book has ever made me sit on the edge of my seat like this one! James Beauseigneur is a masterful story teller!!
– Jack Russo

A masterful job! Something for everyone. And the author has really set us up for a shocker in Book 3!
– Chuck Anderson

MUCH better than the Left Behind series, should have gotten more attention because it is more believable, better written and more creative. Burn your Left Behind books and read Christ Clone. Jesus will approve.
– Michaelangelo

I read the whole trilogy and it's gotta be the best end times story I've ever read! All my friends at school (mind you i'm 16) keep asking about it and hang onto every word as I describe the book. I love it!!!
– Nick Augustine

Excellent! It puts a whole new spin on how even the very elect could be deceived when the antichrist gains world dominance. BeauSeigneur you got my attention! You even had me feeling emphathy for the antichrist figure! A must read for all Christians.
– Jamie Gafford

I finished "In His Image" minutes ago and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the UPS man with "Birth of an Age." Very well written with engaging characters and a gripping plot - and much, *much* better than the other end-times series that is so prevalent. If the other two books are as captivating and realistic as "In His Image," I'm going to have to order several sets as Christmas gifts. ..... DON'T MISS THESE BOOKS!
– Donna B.

I received these books on Saturday, and I finished the whole Trilogy by the following Friday, this is the best end-times novels that I have ever read, do't get me wrong, I love the Left Behind series, I have all of them, but this series is so much more realistic, Every Christian should read this series!!!!
– Henry D. Woods

C.S. Lewis would love to have read these three books!
– Jay Arnett

I'm 45. In my entire life, I've only read four books from cover to cover and they were all less than 150 pages. I'm a skimmer, not a reader. I couldn't even bring myself to read the "left behind" series. But a friend of mine strongly urged me to at least look through The Christ Clone Trilogy..Once I started, I found myself finishing the third book less than three weeks later. James has changed many of my perspectives concerning the return of Christ. Thank you.
– Jerry Conner

I felt the need to pray to God as I read book two to alieve my fear that this book would make me doubt my own beliefs about who God is and who the true Saviour will be.
  I had nightmares after reading the detailed description of the asteriod impacts. I couldn't finish my lunch after reading the description of the punishment for those who had not taken the mark.
  I felt like the darkness was upon me. BUT I COULD NOT PUT THEM DOWN.
  Thank you, Mr. BeauSeigneur, for giving us this glipse of our possible future. So, when does the movie come out?
– Paul Stradley

This is very very close to the reality, wich one are you all choose, the clone or real Son of God on. A very very good book.
– Oiregor

I ordered the trilogy 2 weeks ago today, and they arrived last Thursday. I'll have to admit that I was sucked in and almost stopped reading after completing book 2, but that would have been a mistake. It took me just over a week to read all three books. I'd have to say now that it ranks up there with the Left Behind series which I discovered first (found out about The Christ Clone Trilogy on their message boards). There are similarities and differences between these two distinct series, but I'd recommens both to anyone wishing to learn more about end time events.
– Larry

Wow! I couldn't put it down! I read everything (almost) I can about the end times. This is by far the best Iv'e read! I'm wondering what took me so long to discover it? I will be passing this one one to family.
– L Hoffman

I got these books as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. I wasn't sure I would even like them. I took them with me to the beach last summer, and finished all three books by the end of that week. I just read them again. They really do give you an idea of how the hearts of men could be so hostile toward God, just before the return of Christ. They are well researched and very believable. I have recommended them to everyone I know.
– Tammie Olson

WOW! These books make you think.I just finished book 2 and have requested book 3 from my library.My library does not seem to carry any Christian fiction.I am just glad I am able to read them.Much better and more realistic than the Left Behind series which I bought all of them.I was getting annoyed with all the new age garbage in book 2 but now I understand where the book is going and can't wait for book 3.
– Diane Zavocki

This is the BEST series of books I have ever read - BAR NONE! I started reading them without even knowing they were an end times trilogy until I got a ways into the first book. That in and of itself says a lot if you are aware of the level of "quality" in most Christian Fiction. The writing style and exhaustive footnotes blurs the line between reality and fiction.  You are not a spectator. You "live" these books as you read them, never being quite sure what did/will happen versus what *might* happen. It is all too believable. Only the works of a true artist can do that. My compliments to the author. Like a lot of folks, book two really took me to the verge of doubt. The arguments were so compelling that I was starting to get into a real depression. But hang in there. Book three takes you out of the valley and ends as a true mountain top experience!
– Daniel Eaton

I have read all of the Left Behind series and have loved them. When I heard about The Christ Clone Trilogy, I couldn't wait to read them. The first two books were distrubing but very good. When you finally start reading the third book, it starts falling into place. The ending is very uplifting and one can only hope that the end times will be like that! I highly recommend reading these books for Christians and non-Christians alike.
– Jane

Right now I'm just getting into the 3rd book, "Acts of God." I've read the first 5 Left Behind books and thought they were quite compelling. But I'll be honest and agree that these books held my attention better. Although it's sometimes difficult to jump ahead 6 months every other chapter, it's makes sense in the way that the events are described. One thing that shook me up was in the 2nd book, "In His Image" when Christopher explains to Decker about how Yahweh is bad, I was totally freaking out, I guess I hadn't even considered the impact of the deceivers of the world and how they'd use their theories to convince people. It was almost scary to keep reading. But so far I do like these books, and the fact that they're basically told from the Antichrist's POV. An interesting read.
– Jerrod

Book one does an excellent job of laying the foundation for a truly remarkable trilogy. I found the explanation of The Shroud of Turin especially intriguing. Book two really had me thinking about what I'd always believed to be true,almost a crisis of faith. Book three,however,put everything back in order for me. I couldn't find the trilogy in any local bookstore so I had to order online. Well worth the wait for delivery, but I do wish I had gotten the overnight delivery instead of standard. Order these books today!!!
– Jason Stone

These are wonderful books. I had been recommended to read them from a friend in America. I couldn't buy them here in England apart from the website, however once I had all three, I began reading in earnest. I didn't stop until I had read straight through.They are a wonderful evangelical tool.I have told lots of family and friends about the books. Thank you so much
– Jane Fowler

These books are awesome! Thank you for writing such a thought-provoking, well-written series. The emotions I went through, especially from the 2nd book on, left me exhausted, but exhilirated. Surely, God was working through the author.
– Amy B.

I just finished reading book 1 of the trilogy. Books 2 & 3 are on my shelf, I'll be starting book 2 as soon as I finish typing this! I'm a big fan of the "Left Behind" series, and have also enjoyed
Megiddo, though it was not as good as either of these! The only problem I have with the book so far is ** SPOILER ALERT ** when towards the end of the 1st book, the apostle John is said to have coerced Judas into betraying Jesus to the Sanhedrin. It makes me VERY uncomfortable when biblical truths are altered like this!
– Bill Stewart

I first read these books back in May and loved them. I just now read them again. What GREAT books!!! Much better than Left Behind series. I love how the characters are developed and the detail that went into all three books. Please keep writing Mr. BeauSeigneur.
  Thanks for your wonderful works.
– Sandy M.

I totally agree with all three above, and let me add this: BE PRAYED UP AND KNOW YOUR BIBLE BEFORE YOU READ!!!! "Christ Clone" Author James BeauSeigneur does such a masterful job of making the Antichrist look real and personal, that it is easy for someone to totally see what the Evil One is saying, and you also may actually catch yourself cheering for the antichrist!!! Mr. BeauSeigneur does such a great job of making the character of the Antichrist look like a normal person and a "good guy" that it is easy to be swept away by him, until the very end (and until it is almost too late!!!!). This series is entirely credible and easy to read, and so believable that it is easy to see how the Son of Perdition could come to power! I highly recommend this book series, and am even reading the series again (and it is just as fascinating, if not more-so, this time around!!!), and it is once again difficult to put down!!!
– Jason Lovelace

Amazing! I read the trilogy twice – I've never read any book TWICE. As a Christian, I KNOW that prophesy is going to be fulfilled. But trying to understand "how" prophesy could possibly unfold in the times we live in today (the end times) always left me wanting. The "Christ Clone Trilogy" clearly illustrates that the fulfillment of prophesy can start any time now. What an incredible piece of work! Brilliant!
– Jeffrey Forbes

Superbly structured, marvelous manipulation of time constraints, artisitic delivery of each and every paragraph! I stand in complete awe, at the wonder of this series! It was great, I recommend it to ALL! If you like the "Left Behind" series, this is a MUST!
– Troy L. Pierce

It's now three days and I am about to begin book three. It is wonderful to find a piece of literature so compellingly stating what I have known in my heart and mind for more than 30 years – The Divine is Within US! Secular humanism has a new speaker. Thank you!!
– E. Glover, PhD

I first heard about the Trilogy from other readers in a discussion on the Left Behind webpage. I had just finished "Desecration" and was bummed because I have to wait a year to see what happens next. Many of the people in the discussion highly reccommended these books as a fill in while we all waited for the next Left Behind installment. I took the chance and ordered all three books at once. That was only a month ago and I have almost finished "Acts of God". They are incredible. The Left Behind series are great books, but I have been blown away by the graphic details of the events in these books. The asteroid, the locust attacks, the legions from the depths...I was able to see it all as clearly as if it had been on t.v. And Christophers explanation of good and first, it even had me wondering? Every night when my husband comes home from work I give him an update on what has happened. My only problem now is what am I going to read next.
– Jamie Madden

These three books are so superior to "The Left Behind" series that any comparison is laughable. I read these books every morning and was almost late for work a couple of times because I was so engrossed by the story. LaHaye and Jenkins would do well to learn how to tell a tale properly from BeauSeigneur rather than string out a story forever merely to sell additional books.  Bravo! For a job well done. I am now eagerly awaiting The Prophecy Study Guide.
– Bob Kline

The Christ Clone Trilogy is an awesome set of books and one I plan to recommend many times in the future. As many other readers have commented, by the end of Book 2, I was so sickened with the storyline that I was tempted to stop but had already bought Book 3, so went on ahead and read it. I am SO thankful that I did! Anyone that is not going to read all three books should read Book 3 alone and not Books 1 and/or 2! I have read the entire Left Behind series and while I have found it interesting, it simply left me unsatisfied. The CCT really comes full circle with the story and gives hope and reinforced faith to Christians and Jews, alike. Many thanks to the author for this excellent series and I am anxious for his study companion to be printed!
– Shari

I truly enjoyed the different twist from the beginning and it did have a lot of true and realistic portions ofwhat is actually taking place at this very moment. I would love to know if I could purchase these books (all three) in hardcover. Many of my friends borrow my books and the first trilogy has been read by 2 people already and is getting dog earred! please let me know if this is possible. I would love to continue with the trilogy.
– Celeste Papa

You have successfully told the end times story from the viewpoint of those who would experience it. Others use the voice of the post-Rapture convert. This series artfully and realistically uses the voice of one distantly familiar with Christian themes, but one who has lived a life that casually neglected spirituality. Never again will I have to wonder, "How could the world be so deceived." The series will give Christians an "out of the box" perspective that should make "sharing the faith" more thoughtful, prayerful, and effective. You've done the Church and the World a tremendous service.
– Tom Ellis

I have read every endtime book that I could get my hands on, both fiction and nonfiction. I have read all of the LEFT BEHIND books and enjoy them. However, The Christ Clone Trilogy is some of the best Christian Fiction that I have experienced. The author achieves his goal of attracting the secular crowd. The material is well written and realistically depicts the horror of the Great Tribulation.
– Janet Conrad

I've just finished book three of the trilogy. As I read book one, I wondered, where is this going? As I read book two, I thought, boy is this ever a book to turn someone onto Satan. I almost stopped right there. But I kept reading. I'm so very glad I did! If the antichrist is as believable as the one in the books, and I feel he will be, the lost will be even more lost. I learned so much from the scriptures that I didn't know before. If you know a non-believer, give them these books. They will thank you for them. Praise God Mr. BeauSeigneur had the courage to write these books! God bless you!
– Kim Franks

Excellent writing! I have to say, though, that you made the New Age arguments a little too compelling by writing from an unbeliever's point of view. I almost didn't read the third book, but I couldn't bear not to. I'm glad I did! You threw a whole new light on the rapture. I don't suppose it matters much to us Christians exactly how it happens, eh? Again, superior writing. I've never been kept on the edge of my seat like that before.
– K. Baker

While reading the second book in this series, I remarked to my husband that when enough Christians heard about this series, they'd want them burned! I just finished the third book. WOW!! I'm going to start over with book one again. I love this trilogy! The only problem I have is, how do I recommend it to my friends? Once they get to book 2 they'll hate me! How much should I tell them to make sure they read the last book?
– Donna Stinson

I have just finished reading the third book of the trilogy. I must say, there were times when I wasn't certain where it was going, but after reading each book from cover to cover, it is clear that Mr. BeauSeigneur has done a great deal of research and made a very clear statement of Who Christ is and what His Work on the cross has done for us. Thank you for this excellent treatment of endtimes prophesies, for a different perspective, and for thoroughly enjoyable reading. I have read all of the Left Behind series and found them to be both entertaining and accurate in their portrayal of possible endtime scenarios, however, the Christ Clone Trilogy offers an equally realistic portrayal of what the future holds. Thank you for the time and effort spent in preparing this great work and for the tremendous testimony of the Grace available to all of us through our precious Lord and Saviour, Yeshua ha Meshia.
– David H. Pope, SPHR

I received these books as a Christmas present.Excellent,and could not put down.Sharing with two other people,who are equally engrossed in them.When does study guide come out? Gail Schindler
– Gail Young-Schindler

I finished book one and anxiously await the arrival of book two. Having also read the Left Behind series, Ive found the first book has very little "filler" material and more meat. I almost hate to finish entire series:)
– Wayne

The Christ Clone Trilogy was incredible! After spotting the books online while looking for other books from the Left Behind series, I knew I had to have them. The prospect of cloning Jesus just seemes too good to be true! The mix of a science fiction story intertwined with a heavy dose of Biblical prophecy makes these books an excellent find for anyone interested, even remotely, in learning more about the End Times. I loved the books so much... they really make a person think.
– Matt Geoffroy

You left me high and dry on the cause of the "Disaster." Maybe books II and/or III will answer the question.
– Duane Monkres

This series of books has been a real eye-opener. I have been reading end-times fiction for the last few years and have been blown away by the quality of the writing. The Christ clone trilogy has made me re-evaluate my beliefs on what the endtimes will be like.
  I thank you for having the privilage of being able to read a series of novels that have both clarity, accuracy and readability. It was a series that had me hooked from page 1. Please continue writing fiction books that are so well written.
– Jeremy Keleher

I really enjoyed this series of books. I like the idea that I could finish and know what the end outcome would be to be a faithuful Christian Soldier. Another series I am reading will not finish until sometime 2004 that is a long time and you could forget a lot of things that you had read. I would suggest this series to more people.
– Gail B.

I would not say that "Christ Clone" is better or worse than "Left Behind" (which I absolutely loved) but it has given me a whole new perspective on revelation prophecy. I'm most of way through the 2nd book and I'm blown away. Mr. BeauSeigneur has an incredible way with descriptive writing that made me feel as though I was actually there with the characters feeling what they were feeling. I wish this series had more parts to it because when I'm done with book three I know I will be longing for more.
– Michael Milazzo

I am amazed at how a trilogy like this can move me so profoundly!I found myself so angry reading book 2. Christopher was to believable and likeable! This makes him way more dangerous than Nicolae(Left Behind). By the third book I was nauseated. I cried tears of disgust and sorrow that later turned into tears of joy and rapture! The authors depiction of the darkness plague was nothing less than hellish. What else has he written?
– Mona Petty

A shocking series with an interesting frame of reference. I love the Left Behind series, which largely tells the tale from a Christian point-of-view. With these books, you're getting the "bad guys'" point-of-view, which had me taken aback. It took a little while before I figured out exactly who the bad guys were. I didn't know what to expect. The books were well-written and intriguing. In fact, I read book 2 in less than 48 hours. It was disturbing to see what a compelling argument the antichrist made (though, being a Christian, I knew better). The only way I would recommend these books to a non-Christian is if they would swear to me that they would read all 3 books, and not stop at the first 2. The madness really shook me up, and so did the earth being thrown into darkness. And the way the remaining Christians were treated actually scared me to death. I do have one question about the books... in the beginning of Left Behind, all the children under age 13 (age of adulthood in the eyes of the Church - before Confirmation as Christians, and before Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in Jews) were raptured. In Christ Clone Trilogy, that wasn't the case. Why? Why weren't all the small children and babies raptured? It really disturbes me because they are completely innocent – aren't they? Maybe I'm missing something. Are they "paying for the sins of their fathers?" Gosh, I'm really having a hard time with that. After reading the series I became all the more thankful to God that I'm saved. Putting it mildly, the unsaved are really going to regret their decision. The author truly paints a horrific picture. I did enjoy the series, but I was shocked many times over.
– Melissa R. - a Christian - age 34

I am 45.I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I have just finished the last book. WOW! They are great! I am going to get others to read them too. Now I can see why my new age neighbor has believed the lies. She is so deceived. I am going to give her these books to read. I think these books cover every area of bible prophesy, well I could be wrong but it sure seems like it! The only thing I had a hard time with at first, was the rapture with the dead or empty bodies.But it was interesting. I always expected the rapture to be the way Enoch was raptured, I don't see a dead body there. But it did not take away anything I believe it just enhanced my beliefs. I will be reading them again! They are so well done. I read them in one week! And I am not a reader. I read very few books. Mostly about prophesy.I read while I ate, while my family watched movies. While everyone was sleeping. I went to sleep reluctantly! I cared about the characters!! I loved the stories of people that were added and weaved into the main story. I loved the detail and the way the plagues were interpreted. There is so much I could say I would be writing all day and as you can tell I am not a writer and can't explain myself very well. I just love these books. And I can't wait for the return of Jesus. Oh I loved the way you didn't see the Antichrist's true nature untill the end. He is always portrayed as looking sinister and evil right from the beginning, but this was more like I believe it will be. Even the elect may be deceived if possible. Thank you so much for writing these books. The Lord bless you! Love in Christ,
– Faith Marie Ahmed

It's hard to find words to express my appreciation for this trilogy. I only bought them on a whim at Half Price Books and only because they were all there. I can't understand how anyone could have let them go. I could not put them down. I was totally engrossed.
– M. Brockman

Where Do I start?? It seems to say this series of books were " Excellent, Wonderful, Great" is just not enough to fully convey to someone else what a master piece this truly is. I have never written to an author nor have I ever written a review about a book. But after reading this entire series I can't tell enough people about these books. I am an avid book reader and how I judge if a book is good, is if I can't put it down after starting to read it. Well I received all 3 books late Thursday evening, and like everyone else I couldn't stop reading. I was completely finished by Saturday afternoon. However, in the middle of reading book 2, I had to gather my courage and faith to go on reading. I was totally shocked, the character "Christopher" was so well written in book one, imagine my surprise in book two. I actually thought about throwing away or burning my entire set. Book three more than made up for my shock. After completing it, I spent the next 2 hours telling the entire story to my sister and 2 neighbors, whom I had ignored until I finished reading that afternoon :) They were captivated by the story as well, and now all 3 would like to read my set of books. Mr. Beauseigneur I commend you on writing this "Master Piece"!!!
– G. Byrd

Tuve el tremendo gusto de leer los tres libros,, soy un excelente lector, informatico y ademas un creyente Cristiano. Sin importar mis gustos literarios que son muy variados ni mis creencias, esta novela vale su peso en oro,,, la trama es sencillamente fascinante... Me ofresco a colaborar en la traduccion de esta obra... seria muy importante para los lectores de habla hispana
tremendo libro !!!!!
– Carlos Cordoba

I really loved the Christ clone trilogy, and as a biochemistry graduate student I know enough about science to know that this stuff is very accurate. Book 2 did a masterful job, both with the descriptions of the disasters and with the masterful manipulation of Christopher. I was almost convinced that the Antichrist was the good guy. Book 3 was a perfect finish to an amazing series, and a very unforgiving way of looking at biblical prophesy.
– Andrew Hockert

– Randall Kelly

I must say your books really made me look into scripture, gave me a hunger to know Gods word better and reading the last chapter of Acts of God touched my heart and made me long for Christs return. I've only cried once over a book (Other then the Bible) and that was in sixth grade when our teacher read 'Where the Red Fern Grows'. That was sentimental, your last book however God used to give me a new desire for eternal things and that produced tears of joy. Thank you.
– Von Glitschka

I am glad I came to this site today. I just finished the 2nd book last night. As several people stated here, after reading the 2nd book, as a Christian, it is tempting to stop there and burn the books as blasphemy. Christopher's explanation of Yahweh as the egotistical bad guy and Lucifer as the reasonable benevolent good guy is too convincing. I will read the 3rd book because of what I've read on this web site today, but as others stated, I am afraid that New Agers could use Christopher's argument quite convincingly. Maybe this could be one book rather than 3 to keep readers all the way to the end.
– Sheila Whittemore

I just finished the first book IN HIS IMAGE and agree with many of the comments here that this is much better written and more realistic than the Left Behind Series. I have trudged through that whole series and have only kept with it because I'm the type of person that has to know the end. THE CHRIST CLONE TRILOGY is a refreshing change.
– Laura

I have several novels that deal with eschatology, and this may be the most engaging series yet. One deficiency I find here, which is true for the others, as well, is how the characters are predominantly Western. It is difficult for me to wrap my mind around so many Americans being so globally prominent. These types of books will always be difficult for thinking people of other cultures.
– David Moore

It took me awhile to understand where you were going and I have to admit the cloning kind of turned me off. But all three books were great. Wishing they would only be sold as a set though, as I can see by some of your readers comments that had only read the first two definitely were missing the mark. Without the third book it was only an interesting fiction. With the third book a light of truth turns on. Thanks!!!
– Bernie Brown

Excellent story line and interesting reading. Makes one stop and think that there is more out there in the universe than just space. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I enjoy the characters and the author helps the reader to separate fact from fiction. Very entertainig and am lookng forward to reading the other two books.
– Cindy Hunt

MUCH, MUCH more than I expected – Adjectives fail me in trying to describe these books. The quality of writing is superb. I feel they take "Christian" writing to a level that with the exception of some of Frank Peretti's books, we seldom see. The books are definately page turners - my husband still can't figure out why my nose has been in a book for the last three days. More people need to know about these books. Thanks for an excellent job!
– Joyce A. Lighari

All I can say is -WOW! This guy thinks like me. When's the movie coming out! The Trilogy puts the watered down Left Behind series to shame. I've read all the LB series and had disagreements with most of the material but the CCT is close to how I see things happening during the Tribulation. Keep up the great work Mr. BeauSeigneur!
– Robert Cody

I am just finishing book 2 of the trilogy, and I'm deeply affected. It is upsetting, almost discouraging, but I have read the BOOK and am looking forward to the third book. I would highly recommend the books on audio for listeners like myself who have a sizable commute every day. I am just hoping that getting my hands on Book 3 won't take too long. I don't know if I can stand the wait!!! My compliments to the author for this amazingly detailed and believable work. I love the characters, but I'm going to be soooo mad if something doesn't turn around for Decker!
– John K. Stroud

This is by far the best-researched and best-written series on the end times. From the analysis of the Shroud of Turin to the destruction caused by the asteroids, the author's command of science lends complete credibility. Your "clues" page should include the nature of Christopher's pre-natal beginnings, his name itself and the fact that he is a wholly likable character who grabs the readers' sympathy. This is exactly what he's supposed to be like. When the "nature of the beast" becomes obvious in book two, his questions and statements about Yahweh echo some of the very complaints and excuses I threw around before I believed, questions that make complete sense to those who are not yet called. I can't believe I stumbled across these books in my local library. I'm thinking that I will buy two sets, one to donate to my church library and one to loan out to everyone I can.
– Jess

An excellent blend of scientific fact with realistic fiction . . . splendid storytelling . . . a cover to cover ride at breakneck speed.
W.G. Griffiths, author of Driven

Pulling together apocalyptic prophecies, science, military detail, current events and Jewish and Christian Scripture and traditions, BeauSeigneur weaves together an almost believable, ingeniously constructed tale.

WOW! . . . I couldn't put the book down. Although I know this is 'fiction,' the book really reinforces some of my own beliefs. . . . I have called at least 20 people and told them to order these books.
Barbara Meister Vitale, author of Unicorns are Real: A Right Brained Approach to Learning

An engrossing blend of politics, religion, New Age, end-of-the-world prophecy, and science, James BeauSeigneur's In His Image keeps readers turning pages. His masterful plotting weaves an international cast of characters through world-changing events (including the cloning of Jesus and two nuclear holocausts) that are made entirely believable because of BeauSeigneur's meticulous research and eyewitness-quality detail.
– Victoria Harmison, Verbal Images Press