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"Undeniably riveting...daring...wonderfully creepy...Readers will be enthralled by the author's science-fortified vision of the Apocalypse."
Publishers Weekly

"Astoundingly intelligent . . . inventive . . . dizzyingly well-described."
Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

"BeauSeigneur knows how to write, deploying a tough, driving style in perfect cadence."
Booklist (Starred Review)

James BeauSeigneur has written a lively three-part novel dramatizing the end times events described in Revelation... BeauSeigneur's Christ Clone Trilogy livens things up with a sci-fi premise: cells scraped from the Shroud of Turin are used to clone a new version of Christ.
The New York Times

"This trilogy is nothing short of incredible. These end times books will knock your sox off."
Ted Dekker, best-selling author of Thunder of Heaven and Three

"After burning out on the "other" end-times series, I was reluctant to spend my money on this trilogy. Wow! I have no regrets. I devoured all three books within weeks (despite the other books I was in the middle of), and now count the trilogy among the most provocative and entertaining books I've ever read. And I've read a lot. The premise, the characters, the deception, and the final light of the's all here, and "it's all good!""
Eric Wilson, best-selling author

"Powerful... ". . . an engrossing and ingenious story around the biggest possible subject . . . James BeauSeigneur brings to bear a fine mix of scientific, political, and religious knowledge to illuminate this powerful tale."
Charles Sheffield, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author

"By far the most exciting, true-to-life portrayal of the End Times I've ever read. It is on my "MUST READ" list for any serious student of prophecy."
John Terry, The Revelation Files

". . . grabbed me by the throat and never let go . . . C.S. Lewis couldn't have done it better!
Tickled by Thunder, Larry Lindner, Editor

"Your work will be held in high regard by all who appreciate quality writing. There was something refreshing about the honesty and candor of the language you used and the strength of the despicable characters (though it took me a while to figure out WHO the bad guys were!!). So many Christian books sugarcoat stories into a bland fluff. Thank you for not doing that! Anyway, I could go on and on. It was a pleasure to spend some good hours reading these wonderful books. Thanks so much for sharing them with us."
Wayne Watson, Dove Award-winning singer/songwriter

" fine a piece of work as I have read, on several different levels."
Kerry Livgren, founding member & primary writer of 8 gold & platinum albums for the band "Kansas"

I'm so impressed with this intriguing and captivating series. I'm also encouraged to note the careful research Jim has done. The validity of the message is enhanced greatly by it.
E. Brandt Gustavson, L.L.D President, National Religious Broadcasters

Finally, out of the ghetto of the evangelical subculture, comes a refreshing, well thought out, and methodically researched look at the end of the age. And not since, C.S. Lewis have we seen such creativity and imagination in its presentation. Bravo! More!
Jeremy Nordmoe, Vanderbilt University Library

". . .a brilliant and fascinating narrative that certainly kept me on the edge of my seat "
Ian Wilson, noted historian and best selling author of The Blood and the Shroud

“Bible Prophecy books appear in droves every year. Most are dull and dry and do not begin to capture the actual dynamics of the huge upheavals that are surely soon to fall upon our planet. This trilogy stretches the imagination to the max, and captivates the mind, all the while staying within reasonable Biblical boundaries. This is not merely entertaining reading it is spiritually stimulating and renews my own desire to better understand the end of the age.”
Lambert Dolphin, Physicist & prophetic scholar